Saturday, 6 January 2007

A Good Day

Returned a vacuum cleaner to Currys today. We bought it last week but wifey decided she didn't like it. We got our money back, no question which was nice and then returned home to spend some time in the garden. The garden is in a bit of a state, as it usually is at this time of year, but after a couple of hours hard graft it looks much better (not really) and we found some parsnips that we had forgotten about, so that was a bonus. Went for a walk to the local shops after lunch to get some wine for tonight and batteries for Harry's remote controlled car. On return, chilled out in front of the telly, not a bad day at all.


QuillDancer said...

Do your kids think finding the parsnips was a bonus? I bet not.

Catch said...

WHat kind of sweeper? I just got a dyson last night..I love it so far.

Im not sure I have ever ate a it something like a potato?

cindra said...

we just had brown rice and parsnip patties and they were yummy!

Sounds like a lovely day, bazza!