Sunday, 15 February 2009


Some birds I feel privileged to see, they're a little bit special and today was one of those days. I've never seen a Barn Owl close up, or during the day. Today I saw 2 within the space of a mile and both sat on hedgerow less than 10 foot from the car, giving us all fantastic views. Sadly the camera was in the boot, so you get to see a Treecreeper which I took later. New birds for the year where, Barn Owl, Sanderling, Oystercatcher, Dunlin, Redshank, Nuthatch, Marsh Tit and Yellowhammer, taking the years total to 66. Our original plan today was to go to Dalby Forest, but the forest road was closed, so we did Forge Valley and Filey instead.


quilly said...

I cam e home the other day and found an egret in my own front yard. By the time I got the camera out of my bag, got the lens cap off and got the dang thing focused, the egret was a block away and flying fast.

Jill said...

I remember the first time I saw an owl, it scared me. I was only 6 or 8 years old then. I have always loved watching birds. I can remember drunk Cedar Waxwings in our yard after they had eaten some berries. My most recent surprise was a hawk when it visited my bird bath. I love your pictures.