Saturday, 28 April 2007

This weeks big thing

For those of you who thought the new album by the Arctic Monkeys was this weeks big event, think again. Tomorrow is the Eugene Hope Fest 2007 organised by Cindra and Tom. I will be wearing my Eugene Hope Fest 2006 t shirt in honour of the event. We send our best wishes, and hope everything goes off as it should. More info here:-


Benjamin said...

Seems to me remarkably dark for a pop record and I'm not sure it totally comes off but they're sorted musicians, the Arctic Monkeys, know what they're doing. What are your views, Baz?

Anyway, 'Cloud Cult at the Wow Hall!' Did I just read that or have I begun to hallucinate? Nice one, Oregon County :)

quilly said...

Bazza, on behalf of my family I have to tell you, you are just too cool for words!

bazza27 said...

benj, musically they've improved, but I quite liked the naivity of their earlier recordings. However in the great scheme of things, the new album is ok, perhaps a 7 out of 10.

quilly, you don't know the half of it, I nearly wore the cardy as well!

More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Having been to Portland, Or., I can testify for the splendid weirdness of their music scene. While there I went to a pizza place where they name pizzas after dead rock stars (I had a jerry garcia with extra cheese) and saw all manner of bizarro bands. I'm gunna Limewyre Cloud Cult right now! Arctic who?

Love the look Baz

Catch said...

Well Bazaa I have to tell are looking pretty spiffy in your new shirt!
Now where are you hiding Tina? I havent heard from her for ages!

Gawpo said...

Dude! That is a very nice shirt. But do you have A BIG, BLACK ONE THAT SAYS SECURITY ON IT???!!!!!!!