Sunday, 30 January 2011

Where's Bazza Been?

We got a dog, he's called Frank


Louisiana said...

i'm glad....congrats on the wedding, the new pup and life in general :)

Benjamin said...

A cute puppy. I'm thinking of tipping my toes back into the murky waters of blogging, Bazza. Hope life is finding you well :)

Bazza said...

Life is not bad at the moment, the dog is a lot bigger now. I don't think I'm returning to blogging as I've just discovered Twitter and have been regular on Facebook for quite while, but never say never.

My World said...

Hello Bazza, it's good to see all is going well in your life. It's been three years I have been away and I see you have a new daughter in the family, I wish the very best for the newly-weds.

Kevin got himself married also... Those late nite crawls from pub to pub will slow down I hope... lol

And those walks of shame going home
will cease I hope.... lol

I will return soon, to visit.



Bazza said...